A valid passport is required. For most countries, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months from your travel dates. We will be your advisors for any vaccinations, visas, or additional documentation needed depending on the countries visited during your stay.

If you prefer to drive yourself during your travels, we will educate you on which countries/cities we feel it is a safe option to do so. In some cities, Uber is a great option for quick transportation for activities/meals/etc. We prefer having everything handled and pre-arranged ahead of time for our guests, to ensure that everything runs smoothly, but if guests have a specific travel request, we can help facilitate.

This all depends on the countries you intend to visit during your time in Africa and a local travel clinic will make their medical recommendations for any and all vaccinations. Consulting with the CDC website is always important to keep up with any changes in protocol.

While the animals are wild and safaris take place in their natural habitat, our safari partners take extreme precautions to ensure the safety of our guests as well as the safety of the wildlife. We are happy to say that with over 25 years of personal experience, we have never had a single incident involving one of our clients and their safety.

Our guides take many precautions to ensure animals feel safe and are never threatened by vehicles on game drives. Our guides will brief guests on game drive etiquette before departure and will remind the party of safety measures throughout the journey. In a successful safari situation, animals will not pay any attention to the vehicles and will see them as a part of their environment.


It all starts with a conversation as we work with our clients to customize their ideal trip, start to finish. Reach out to one of our travel designers today and we’ll help make your bucket list vacation a reality. We are available to assist in person (if geographically possible), over the phone, or through Zoom calls. If you’d prefer to correspond via email, we’re happy to do so as well!

Yes, absolutely! We work closely with our clients to advise on how to best design an itinerary that checks all the boxes, including their preferred types of lodging, the destinations they’d like to visit, their activities of interest, and, of course, their wildlife must-sees!

While in Africa, your transportation will vary between luxury transfer vehicles in cities, to safari vehicles while in the bush. In certain game parks, 4×4 open safari vehicles are used, while in others you will be using closed vehicles with a pop-top hatch roof for viewing. Depending on your itinerary, transportation between countries or destinations may take place on smaller bush planes (i.e. Cessna Caravans) or on larger commercial flights. Private charter flights are also available for groups looking for more exclusivity.  Read our blog on Modes of Transportation to learn more!

We can create a customized itinerary for individuals or groups of any size. Whether you are a solo traveler, a large multi-generational family, or a group of friends, each trip is tailored to our client’s specific travel goals and requests. If you are interested in pre-arranged group travel, we may have some special small group experiences to join (inquire for additional information).

Tipping and gratuity are subject to each client’s discretion, however, in our experience, the staff and teams who assist our clients in Africa are incredible and go above and beyond to create the most enjoyable experiences for our guests. For detailed information and our recommended tipping guidelines, please see our blog Guide to Tipping on Safari.